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James Pepper ( catstarbuck ) hat am 02.05.2015 10:45:18 geschrieben :

Gloria Swanson bust
Hello Jonas Julian Kusz.
The bust arrived this afternoon in perfect condition, extremely well packed. It is much larger and more impressive than the photos show. Before I leave feedback is there anything specifically you would like to me stress? I wish Billy Wilder was still with us, so I could take it over to his office in Beverly Hills, and show it to him. He would have enjoyed it I am sure, and that it was created in Germany would have amused him. Your work is really quite fine. Thank you, James Pepper

Sam Irvin (Homepage) hat am 01.05.2015 02:27:07 geschrieben :

Gloria Swanson bust
When I saw the astounding photos of your Gloria Swanson bust, I knew I had to buy one. Now that she has arrived and is staring at me in my living room, I must tell you that my expectations were not just met -- they were exceeded. She is spectacular! Everyone who walks into the room is blown away. Such a conversation piece! So startling! So beautiful! So Hollywood! So camp! She is definitely ready for her close-up. Thank you for such a gorgeous work of art -- and for packing her so carefully for the long, treacherous journey from Germany to my living room in Hollywood! BRAVO!!!

Mr. Bradley hat am 20.10.2014 12:18:23 geschrieben :

Your Art.
I am very very impressed ´bout this artist. WOW.

Michaela hat am 23.03.2013 22:17:31 geschrieben :

Hallo Schwager
Hallo Schwager. Ich bin stolz auf Dich und hab Dich sehr lieb. Dich zu kennen ist eine echte Bereicherung.

Stimpy (Homepage) hat am 11.09.2011 14:12:38 geschrieben :

Lipp lipp hurra

Was für wunderschöne Werke!Du bist ein wahrer Künstler!

System hat am 19.09.2009 13:15:46 geschrieben :

Willkommen in meinem Gästebuch. Über Einträge würde ich mich sehr freuen.